We are a group of Young Enthusiast from the varied field and a common interest- Environment. We have a legal team, Environmentalist, Geologists, Hydrogeologist. People from all walks of life who are concerned with the preservation and conservation of the environment form our team.

We provide straightforward, commercially aware and technically robust advice to clients in the protection of the environment. We support investors, developers, regulators, policy makers, landowners and other stakeholders for sustainable development.

Our method of work includes scientific approach towards a problem. We provide engineering services to government and private clients delivering projects across waste management and our experts provide services on scientific information and knowledge based on laboratory analysis, provides information on methods for storage, transport, handling and disposal of solid /hazardous wastes.

Sealing of Industries by the National Green Tribunal or by other Government Authorities are the very burning issues from some time. Majority of people failed to understand why NGT or Government authority sealed the Industry. Also, when an Individual or company or new startup want to set up new industry or if an importer wants to import any products or scrap materials from anywhere around the world, they need to follow certain guidelines and that’s where our role comes into force. Furthermore many existing businesses have environmental compliance issues from time to time.

Think Green Enviro Systems (TGES) was set up in 2017 in the Capital of India, Delhi. We would like to clarify here that the only reason we set up Think Green Enviro Systems was to help the society at large in all the Environment Related Issues.