BIS registration for electronic products

Today Every importer, supplier, and manufacturer wishes to do business smoothly without coming across any hurdles, mainly the legal or regulatory ones. If you are one among them then there are a few regulatory requirements that you need to fulfil before launching your product in the market. 

In the year 2012, the department of electronics and IT (Information Technology) along with BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) launched a compulsory registration scheme (CRS).  It states that every electronic and IT product manufacturer needs to register a product before launching it in the market. If you are failing to do so then you might come across different regulatory issues after launching your electronics and its product. Before understanding the BIS compliance requirements let’s start with the basics.

BIS or Bureau of Indian Standard is operated under the aegis of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Health & Public Distribution with a goal to offer high-quality products along with safety and proper usage of the product that is distributed in the Indian market. Regardless of the type of electronic and IT product you are planning to launch in the Indian market you need to get BIS registration for electronics product as it offers a sense of assurance and trust to the buyers. 

Today almost every electronic product has to get BIS approval for electronic devices, Toys and follow the Indian safety requirement before the product is imported, manufactured, and launched in the Indian market. The reason why the government of India has made it mandatory to get BIS registration is because of the following purpose: 

  • Better quality assurance.
  • Protecting consumers from receiving the hazardous product.
  • Offering safeguard to the public health.
  • Promoting customers confidence.

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The steps in the Required Document List for BIS Registration are as follows:

In order to submit samples for a BIS approved Test Labs, you must also submit technical product information.

It’s all about construction / structural details of the product like –

  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic Diagram
  • User Manual
  • Critical Component List (CCL)

1.The Factory Documents & Information is required in order to complete the BIS Application Form & Process,

2. It all revolves around fundamental details about the manufacturing facility, such as

  • Legal Address Proof of Factory (Manufacturing License Copy)
  • Copy of a Trademark Registration if registered trade mark (Class 9 or 11)
  • In the case of a foreign manufacturer, documents of the Authorized Indian Representative (AIR)
  • Model no of product 
  • Email Id and phone no 

The documents required for a BIS Application are as following:
From Manufacturer:

  • Manufacturer Business license (English + Foreign Language)
  • Trade Mark Certificate
  • CDF form (CDF form to be filled by the manufacturer with critical components list, PCB layout, Circuit diagram, Enclosure details)
  • User Manual

From Indian Company

  • GST certificate
  • AIR Company ID (AIR – Authorized Indian representative)
  • Aadhaar card
  • Photograph
  • Sample Qty: – 2 pcs for Power Bank, 5 psc for Adapter
  • Lead time: – 35-40 days (After completion of documents)
    Make family of BIS certificate 1 + 9 Nos = 10 Models


  • Register on BIS Portal and obtain Login Credentials.
  • Select a BIS authorized Test Lab and Generate Test Request.
  • Send sample(s) to the laboratory.
  • After testing, receive a notification from the lab with the test report number.
  • Login Using Existing Credentials and select Test Request reference to Upload Test Report.
  • Online submission of documents, additional information, and fee payment.
  • Affidavit must be sent by mail to BIS or submit hard copy after grant the license.


BIS Registration is valid for 2 years which can be renewed subsequently next two to five year.