Hazardous Waste Management Rules are notified to ensure safe handling, generation, processing, treatment, package, storage, transportation, reprocessing, collection, conversion, and offering for sale, destruction and disposal of Hazardous Waste. These Rules came into effect in the year 1989 and have been amended later in the years 2000, 2003 and with final notification of the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Trans-boundary Movement) Rules, 2008 in supersession of former notification. The Rules lay down corresponding duties of various authorities such as MoEF, CPCB, State/UT Govts., SPCBs/PCCs, DGFT, Port Authority and Custom Authority while State Pollution Control Boards/ Pollution Control Committees have been designated with wider responsibilities touching across almost every aspect of Hazardous wastes generation, handing and their disposal.

The toxic, reactive, ignitable, corrosive & infectious waste which is harmful for the environment & human beings (whether accumulated in a small or a trace amount) and can be best dealt by using the principal of waste to energy (Incineration).

Hazardous waste management under the rule, 2008 & 2016, is a process to put attention on Rules and regulations under this, put restriction on the occupier for the careful handling. The authorized recycler & re-processor can only purchase this waste from the occupier for the safe disposal of the waste.

Any person, who is involved in this, after the prior authorization from the pollution boards, is allowed for storage, package.

This rule is applicable on the waste listed on: The hazardous and other wastes (Management and Trans-boundary Movement) Rules, 2016 

·        Schedule I  http://www.hspcb.gov.in/HWMSch_1.pdf

·        Schedule III ,Part A http://www.hspcb.gov.in/HWMSchIII_A_C.pdf

·        Schedule III , Part B & D http://www.hspcb.gov.in/HWMSchIII_B_D.pdf

·        Schedule IV, http://www.pccdaman.info/pdf/HW_Schedule4.pdf

The Hazardous and other wastes prohibited for import are under Schedule VI of the above rule. Kindly refer page no.39

For getting different Authorizations from the pollution board for the above listed categories, person has to fill different forms along with the required documents.

The different FORMS are as follows:

·        FORM 1 –  http://www.hspcb.gov.in/HWMFORM1.pdf

·        FORM 2 –  http://andssw1.and.nic.in/swc/depts/pcc/docs/o_howm.pdf

·        FORM 3 – www.dpcc.delhigovt.nic.in/pdf/form_3.pdf

·        FORM 4 http://goaspcb.gov.in/Media/Default/Application%20forms/form4.pdf

·        FORM 5- http://www.moef.nic.in/sites/default/files/form%205.pdf

·        FORM 6- www.dpcc.delhigovt.nic.in/pdf/hwm_form6.pdf

·        FORM 7- http://www.tnpcb.gov.in/pdf/Application_Registration_Traaders.pdf

·        FORM 8- http://ospcboard.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/HW-Form-8.pdf

·        FORM 9- http://ospcboard.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/HW-Form-9.pdf

·        FORM 10- http://nikkeshenterprises.com/pdf/form%2010.pdf

·        FORM 11- http://megspcb.gov.in/Documents/FORM%2011%20new.pdf